Sage Oral Swabs with One Step Corinz Oral Rinse

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Single use Oral Swab System now with Corinz Antiseptic Cleansing and Moisturising Mouth Wash which replaces Perox-A-Mint.

For patients who can expectorate

Sodium Bicarbonate treated swab heads cleanse and refresh the teeth and gums whist stimulating the oral tissues. Mechanically cleans, refreshes and deodorizes the oral cavity.

Corinz is an antiseptic cleansing and moisturising oral rinse that provides one step cleansing and moisturising and can be used with the sodium bicarbonate treated swab heads.

It is used worldwide and well accepted and recommended by Dental Associations.

Pack contains:

  • 2 x Swabs with soda-bicarbonate
  • 1 x 7ml Squeeze/Burst sachet Corinz oral rinse