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Cleaning unwanted stains on the mattress and chairs can be time-consuming. Regular cleaning also increases wear and tear which over time becomes costly for the medical facility. That is why you need bedding protection.

The chair, bed and floor protection helps in preventing the direct contact of dirt, dust and stains from the surfaces. This makes for easy cleaning which helps improve hygiene within the facility.

At USL Consumer, we have a wide range of chair and bed protection for your medical facility needs. The covers are soft, comfortable and splash-proof for easy patient use. They are also vapour-permeable and have microscopic holes for sweat-free sleep.

Our bedding protection is made from tough materials to ensure maximum protection and the needed durability. They also come in different sizes to match the different beds and chairs.

Are you looking to buy bedding protectors? Look no further than USL Consumer. Our range of bedding protection covers will ensure cleaner and durable beddings. We are also open to providing customised bedding protectors depending on your needs.