Octenicare Repair Cream 50ml Tube

  • Code: 16299

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Cares for irritated, dry and flaky skin

Nourishes epithelialising wounds

Protects from moisture and inhibits odour causing bacteria, such as those caused by incontinence

Compatible with Octenisan antibacterial wash lotion

Excellent skin compatibility

Dermatologically tested

Colour and Perfume free

Application areas: Ideally suited as an accompanying treatment during the wound healing process. Intensive care for sensitive and irritated skin areas. For tattoo and scar care. For follow up care of small burns and sunburns. Suitable for incontinence patients.

Instructions: Apply a thin layer of Octenicare repair cream to the affected areas of the skin and gently massage in. If applying over a wound, ensure the wound is fully epithelialised. Can be used 1-3 times a day to support the natural regeneration of the skin.



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