Mepore Pro

  • Code: 10641

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The self-adhesive absorbant surgical dressing

Mepore® Pro is a shower, viral and bacterial barrier for wounds with low to moderate exudate, surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. It has optimal absorption capabilities and is designed with an easy to remove protection paper that enables aseptic as well as effortless application. It is also designed to minimise friction between the patient and their clothing/bed. 

  • Skin friendly adhesive
  • Backing film provides barrier to moisture and bacteria
  • Easy-to-remove protection paper allows for aseptic application
  • Low friction to bed and clothing with sufficient absorption capacity
Code Description Unit
10641 6cm x7cm BX60 Add to quote
10642 9cm x 10cm BX40 Add to quote
10643 9cm x 15cm BX40 Add to quote
10644 9cm x 20cm BX30 Add to quote
10645 9cm x 25cm BX30 Add to quote
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