Polymem Tube Site 7x7cm

  • Code: 10944

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PolyMem dressings are an innovative class of adaptable wound care dressings.  PolyMem effectively cleanses, fills, absorbs and mositens wounds throughout the healing process.

PolyMem keeps the wound bed moist and soothes traumatised tissues, reducing wound pain and providing comfort at the wound site. The moisturiser also keeps the dressing pad from adhearing to the wound so it removes with virtually no pain, removing the caregier-patient interaction and overall care experience.

PolyMem inhibits the development of pain, inflammation and swelling in both superficial and deep tissues beneath the areas of skin to which it is applied.

You can use PolyMem's family of dressings as primary or secondary dressings.

Aperture for easy application around tube sites and tracheostomies.

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