Mepore Film & Pad

  • Code: 10647

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The self-adhesive, breathable, transparent film

Mepore® Film is designed for a wide range of clean wounds in the granulation phase, such as superficial burns, lacerations, abrasions, and closed surgical incisions. The transparent self-adhesive film dressing is ideal for secondary fixation and as primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore® Film follows the contour of the patient’s body and protects against viruses, bacteria and fluid strike-through. 

  • Highly breathable transparent film that prevents leakage
  • Conforms to the body, protecting against viruses and bacteria
  • Skin-friendly adhesive and protect skin from friction injuries
  • Easy to use even when wearing gloves
Code Description Unit
10647 4cm x 5cm BX85 Add to quote
10648 5cm x 7cm BX85 Add to quote
10649 9cm x 10cm BX30 Add to quote
10650 9cm x 20cm BX30 Add to quote
10651 9cm x 25cm BX30 Add to quote
10652 9cm x 35cm BX25 Add to quote
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