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Sage Perox-A-Mint 1.5oz Bottle

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Perox-A-Mint® Solution

Keeping the mouth clean is an important part of overall health. Bacteria in the mouth can form dental plaque, which has been linked to various diseases that originate in the mouth, including gingivitis. One study showed that “plaque on teeth can provide a breeding ground for this growth of bacteria.” Perox-A-Mint Solution helps break down plaque build up to keep the mouth healthy and clean.

Perox- A- Mint Solution mechanically cleans and debrides with 1.5%  hydrogen peroxide. As an oral debriding agent, it aids in the removal of phlegm, mucus and other secretions. Releases bubbles of oxygen by enzymatic action when peroxide comes in contact with tissues, can be used with the sodium bicarbonate treated swab heads.

Available as a 44ml bottle