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Sorbalgon® is a soft gelling alginate dressing composed of textile fibres of calcium alginate. It is a highly conformable dressing ideal for managing cavity wounds. When Sorbalgon® comes into contact with the wound exudate or blood, a gel is formed by the exchange of calcium ions in the dressing for the sodium ions in the wound fluid.

This gel provides a supportive, protective environment for the development of granulating tissue while managing excess exudate.

Sorbalgon® and Sorbalgon® Rope, possess a high dry and wet integrity. This results in easy handling and easy removal of the dressing from the wound since the alginategel is less likely to disintegrate.

The dressing should be changed once it has completely turned to gel. It should not be left on the wound for more than seven consecutive days. Sorbalgon® needs to be covered with a secondary dressing and secured with retention tape.

Sorbalgon® is highly absorbent and suitable for use on moderate to highly exudating wounds and for the effective management of cavity wounds.



• Leg ulcers

• Traumatic wounds

• Pressure ulcers

• Fungating lesions

• Post surgical wounds



• Wounds with nil or low exudate