SIGVARIS Delilah Panty Closed Toe 70D Black

  • Code: SG29827

  • Unit: 

Delicate shine and uniquely brilliant colour. For her.

Prolonged sitting or standing – torture for weak veins! Support stockings by SIGVARIS actively support the health of your legs. Well-being increases and you can concentrate on your workday in and day out or peruse leisure activities.

  • Graduated support to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the feeling of heavy legs
  • Support for heavy, tired and swollen legs
  • Transparent and elegant
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Black or beige


Code Description Unit
SG29828 Size 2 EACH Add to quote
SG29829 Size 3 EACH Add to quote
SG29830 Size 4 EACH Add to quote
SG33406 Size 1 Plus EACH Add to quote
SG33407 Size 2 Plus EACH Add to quote
SG33408 Size 3 Plus EACH Add to quote
SG33409 Size 4 Plus EACH Add to quote
SG33410 Size 5 Plus EACH Add to quote